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Professional assistance in archival document collection

Arhiv Center has been searching documents worldwide since 2014. The company works in the field of archival documents searching, as well as documentary confirmation of the citizenship right (documents are provided in accordance with all consular requirements).

The staff of the center know perfectly how to use archival sources effectively. As a result, our center has already helped several hundred people find all the necessary papers, including verification for successful citizenship obtaining. In the course of their work, they make non-standard decisions, which saves customers’ time and helps them to know their ancestors better.

Arhiv Center specialists are in contact with the client to keep him informed of progress.

Vadim Jorov
Vadim Jorov Founder of the company group
Company executives
Andrey Kuznetsov General director

Arhiv Center team are experts in:

Family tree making

Every day, the center is faced with a huge interest in its roots among people around the world. Our specialists are immersed in the history of each family. With the help of Arhiv Center, more than 1000 families have become owners of secret knowledge about their family tree.

Archive document search

Searching for archival documents is always a hard and time-consuming process. And only professionals in this field can easily immerse themselves in ancient documents and successfully interact with different institutions.

Documentary confirmation of the Israeli citizenship right

Today, the topic of second citizenship obtaining is at its peak popularity. One of the most difficult stages in obtaining Israeli citizenship is to document the presence of Jewish roots. The specialists of the center analyze the available documents, immerse in the biography of Jewish families and, as soon as possible, find the necessary documents with the designation of nationality.

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    Advantages of the Arhiv Center

    • More than 6 years of experience in the search for archival documents around the World
    • Contact with customers throughout the entire process
    • Professionalism of the staff (archivists, historians, genealogists, etc.)
    • The shortest possible terms of work
    • Guarantee of privacy and credibility of information
    • Personal approach to each task
    • The collaboration with leading consulting companies
    • The existence of offices in Moscow and Minsk
    • Full cycle of customer service according to VIP standards
    Office in Israel Office in Russia

    Str. Gibor 14 Israel, Netanya, Israel