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Insurance of Israeli citizens

In Israel, the insurance system is well developed, so citizens prefer to insure everything: from property to life and health. Especially great attention is paid to health insurance and services for Israeli citizens.

Israeli medicine is among the TOP 10 best health systems in the world. It is one of the reasons for the longer life expectancy in the country: in 2016, it was 84 years for women and 80 years for men. In Russia, respectively, 77 and 66 years old.

Alliance Insurance offers an individual choice of insurance programs according to the request and capabilities of the client, issuing of a private health insurance policy to provide citizens of Israel with high-quality and timely medical care — regardless the country they live, as well as pension insurance, life insurance, from serious diseases, loss of working capacity and disability.

Vadim Jorov
Vadim Jorov Founder of the company group
Company executives
Steinhaus Eric General director
Shklovsky Dmitry Executive director

Alliance Insurance provides full professional support to clients at all stages of insurance and gives detailed explanations on the content of each item of the insurance program. Our employees help you:

  • choose an insurance company that works with well-known medical centers to guarantee high-quality medical care if necessary;
  • defend the client’s interests in cases where there are disagreements with medical institutions — for example, covering part of the cost of medicines — for protection in controversial situations.

We also oversee all insurance reforms, and when the policy becomes outdated and new products appear, we immediately inform our clients about all changes.

Advantages of private insurance:
  • Possibility to choose an appropriate clinic and doctors;
  • Saving time in queues;
  • Systematic control of treatment;
  • Discounts on medicines;
  • The coverage includes expensive diagnostic and treatment methods.

Special conditions of Alliance Insurance

  • Unique prices;
  • Shortened deadlines for payments;
  • Quick reactions;
  • Exclusive policy supplements.
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