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Alfa Invest Company provides an individual service in the selection of investment programs in commercial and residential real estate, high-potential start-ups and IT companies in Israel.

It helps to ensure that clients’ money investments bring regular and impressive income, choose the right investment tool, minimize risks and maximize income, invest money profitably and do not experience difficulties with the withdrawal of profits.

The company has its own analytical center, which employs highly qualified analysts and financiers specializing in various investment areas, professionally versed in the relevance of investment projects.

The company’s employees assist in competent distribution of funds in the investment portfolio, monitoring changes as to the selected object and quick decision-making for withdrawal of funds or increase of the cost sharing in the project, as well as making forecasts for the future to obtain the maximum possible profit.

Get in touch with the company

Alfa Invest helps to choose the right type of investment programs based on the individual requirements of clients.

The company cooperates with leading lawyers in Israel, specializing on transactions with the real estate, thus providing high reliability and legality of transactions. Alfa Invest facilitates the conclusion of transactions on the most favorable terms of mortgage lending, coordinating activities with leading consulting companies in the field of mortgage and insurance.

Also, the company offers a joint planning of incomes for each type of property, develops rental options, profitable resale and so on., accompanying the client at all stages of the transaction and throughout the cooperation.

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Russian-Israeli Consultation Center provides consultation services for repatriated persons and accompaniment on the territory of Israel, such as visiting the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Health Insurance, the Bank, the Ministry of Transport, providing registration and delivering documents to the Russian Federation.

RICC Insurance is an insurance broker, helping to purchase an insurance policy and, if it is necessary, get medical care for Israeli citizens in Israel. The company works with an experienced provider of medical insurance.

Alfa Travel Company offers the full range of personal VIP travel services: meeting at the airport in Israel, special hotel reservations, providing a business class car with a driver, organization of excursions and etc.

KAV Apartments is the market leader in short-term rental housing in Tel Aviv, Bat Yam, Herzliya, Netanya, managing more than 200 housing units. The main goal is the maximum profit for the owners of apartments.

Alfa Invest offers the profitable investment in real estate in Israel. The company helps in the selection, redevelopment and repair of apartments, that will allow you to get several apartments with the regular income (from 8% per annum) from renting them out.

RICC Real Estate is an expert of the elite real estate market in Israel, will consult on the selection of real estate, the location of the object, price and mortgage lending. It’ll help you to choose a lawyer, by taking over resolution of all issues up to the end of the deal.