Russia-Israel Consulting Center (RICC)

Registration of Israeli citizenship

Over the years, Russia-Israel Consulting Center has helped more than 3000 families to get Israeli citizenship.

RICC provides services at all stages of obtaining Israeli citizenship, private health insurance in the State of Israel, as well as subscription services supervising all issues in Israel.

We provide our clients with professional and high-quality service, to ensure the safety and comfort required if they have Israeli citizenship.

Vadim Jorov
Vadim Jorov Founder of the company group
Why people choose us?
Follow - up to the result

Employees of the company stay with you at all stages of all services provided by the company:

Obtaining Israeli citizenship:

  • Help with the search of documents confirming Jewishness;
  • Preparering for an interview at the Consulate and help with filling out the questionnaire;
  • Accompanying in all state authorities of Israel

Registration of private medical insurance

Subscription service:

  • Support in confirmation of the status in the National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi)
  • Assistance with managing bank account
  • Providing a personal manager on the territory of Israel to solve any types of problems
Proven professionalism

Positive feedback from more than 3000 families who received citizenship with help of RICC and those who stayed with us after their registration as a part of subscription support.


All-Russian Jewish organizations highly appreciate our work:
Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FCJR) represented by Alexander Boroda, Chief Rabbi of Russia - Berel Lazar, Director of the Jewish Museum, Moscow Jewish Community Center and Jewish cultural and religious center «Zhukovka».

We are talked about in the media

Forbes, «RBC», «Echo of Moscow», «Kommersant»

Company executives
Gicilevich Yana Executive director
Vladimir Lelikov Head of the partner office in Moscow
Company news
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Mission of RICC

«RICC» works for the sake of one beautiful day when a new repatriate receives an Israeli passport, offering a lot of opportunities:

  • Visa-free entry to 161 countries;
  • The highest level of medicine;
  • Security for the family;
  • Opportunity to get a decent education;
  • Starting a business and investing in real estate.

Most of our clients are not ready to move to Israel. For them, the Israeli passport Darkon is an opportunity to have an «alternative airfield» for themselves and their families, but we help them keep in touch with Israel as a part of subscription support.

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