A corporate event of the RICC was held in Moscow on July 22, 2021

A corporate event of the Russia – Israel Consulting Center, part of AlfaGroup, was held in Moscow on July 22, 2021.

The founder of the company Vadim Jorov noted, that since the beginning of the year, the company’s staff had grown significantly. There was a general strengthening of the team by high-class specialists, as well as the opening of new areas of activity for those who receive or have already received Israeli citizenship.

There was also another significant event. A new office of the company was opened in Minsk.

Despite the pandemic and quarantine measures introduced all over the world, the number of calls to RICC specialists is growing. It is largely due to the fact that Israel has entered the TOP ranks of countries in terms of vaccination rates.

Not only long experience helps the Russia-Israel Consulting Center to remain a leader of services on the way to obtaining Israeli citizenship.

Our united professional team allows the company to keep a high bar for many years.