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Israel is attractive for investors for multiple reasons. The law of Israel except for cases rarely occurring in practice does not limit citizenship of investors and employees of companies carrying out their business in the country. Thus, shareholders, management and employees may be either foreign citizens or residents.

Investments in Israel’s real estate is much more reliable and profitable than banking deposits and investment funds. In the conditions of crisis the real estate market in Israel did not collapse, but expanded by 20 – 30%. According to the estimates of the Knight Frank, one of the largest companies specializing in researches of the world market, Israel is the third-ranking country in the world in the growth of real estate prices.

Investments in IT technologies of Israel which attract investors worldwide are very profitable. In the second quarter of 2015 USD 1.12 bn, which is a record breaking figure, were invested in this area.

Many customers of the Alfa Group are interested in collaboration with different economic sectors of Israel, and after repeated requests the Alfa Invest specializing in funds attraction was founded. Since the beginning of 2015 specialists of the Alfa Invest have raised USD 9,000,000 allocated in different high profitable investment projects.