Business evening in JSC “Medicina”

The Russian-Israeli Consultation Center, which is a part of Alfa Group, acted as a partner at the event of the business Jewish club

07 February 2019 club organized a business evening in JSC “Medicina” (the private clinic of Grigory Roitberg), where the Russian-Israeli Consultation Center acted as a partner of the event.

The great minds of medicine-Grigory Roitberg, Borukh Gorin, Dmitry Pushkar, Maxim Skulachev, Hristo Tahchidi were as the speakers on the stage, they discussed an emotional topic not only for the Jewish people, but also for all mankind “Can a person go up against aging? Anti-aging arguments.” After a small reception, the club management summed up the results of its activities for four years and outlined the work for the near future. “The next business meeting of the club members will be held in Sochi this spring” – promised Evgeny Goltsman and Denis Gurevich.