Tel-Aviv is the largest region in Israel where the Alfa Realty carries out its business. In July 2014 in Tel-Aviv a regional office was opened. It owns over 400 dwelling units.

Employees of the office in Tel-Aviv work with two categories of customers: those arriving for vacation purposes and medical travelers who travel for the purpose of undergoing diagnostics, obtaining medical treatment in Israeli clinics.

Apartments offered for leasing in Tel-Aviv are very diverse regarding their cost – from budget options to luxury apartments. They are located in different regions of Tel-Aviv to meet customer-specific demands. In particular, patients of Israeli clinics are offered apartments in close proximity to medical centres and those enjoying a rest at the sea – in the coastal area.

Tel-Aviv branch of the Alfa Realty works closely with international departments of leading clinics and travel agencies of Israel by providing dwelling to their customers in accordance with the requirements. Large contractors are attracted by a wide range of dwelling, as well as prompt actions of the Alfa Realty staff, timeliness and high quality of services rendered by them.