The Alfa Travel provides a complex range of travel services for Israel’s guests. Customers are offered individual and group tours depending on their wishes.

The company’s employees book air tickets for the relevant dates, render visa assistance (if necessary), arrange airport transfers, reserve hotels and develop programmes for tours of beauty objects worth seeing in Israel.

Among these are holy places, historical monuments, coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Dead Sea, Lake of Gennesaret, etc.

The list of tours is made with regard to the period of stay in the country – in any case tourists will visit the most important places in Israel: Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Dead Sea, etc.

Apart from tours included in the basic tour programme, guests of Israel may order individual ones on any route, which will be guided by qualified guides-interpreters, guides, instructors.

The Alfa Travel offers thematic tours for pilgrims, extreme sports enthusiasts, historians, agricultural workers, etc. The tour programme is developed with a focus on visiting different places of Israel in which the tourists of such categories are interested.