“Alfa Media” keeps active developing and starts a number of successful projects

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As part of the development of innovative media projects, Alfa Media became an investor in a number of new Internet resources devoted to the issues of repairing and decoration of bathrooms and kitchens. Such a decision was recently taken by the company management as the next step in the advancement of the company’s services in the it-market.

In 2015 the company successfully invested in a development of information project on the subject of cardiology, and it achieved considerable success. According to statistics, about 4 million unique users visit the website daily to find the necessary information about the symptoms, causes, and methods of treatment of cardiovascular disease.

In addition, a few months ago the website dedicated to oncology problems was launched. At this resource the visitors are offered to look at the latest information on different types of cancer and advanced methods of therapy. The unique portal offers online counseling services, which involves the most experienced and qualified doctors. The interest of users in this website is steadily increasing, indicating a good quality of its design and information content.

Dozens of experts in the field of Internet technologies are employed in the projects of the company. All the knowledge and experience of the staff is used to create competitive products that bring revenue.

Seeking to justify the high expectations of customers, Alfa Media reaches new heights in the field of creation and promotion of websites on the Internet under the professional guidance of Effie Kostyukovsky.