Golden Key is going to reach a new level in 2016

Male and female hands with keys surrounded by form of house

As Golden Key continues to achieve steady growth, it will implement an aggressive strategy in 2016 to allow the company to experience even more gains and meet consumers’ high expectations for quality property management services.

Today, it can be said with confidence that the company is positioned among the leaders in the residential property management industry. However, Golden Key is not going to stop at what it has already achieved.

It is also worth noting that besides property maintenance services, Golden Keys also assists owners in renting apartments and houses and getting sound liquidity percentage.

The companty has been working in the Israeli market for more than 3 years, displaying professionalism and gaining the confidence of property owners. At the beginning of this year, the Golden Key is managing dozens of apartments and houses in Bat Yam and Tel Aviv. The company’s management experts are helping owners in Israel keep their properties well maintained and are resolving all the issues related to payment for utility services, renovation and repairs.

Due to Anton Burachevskiy’s responsible management and well-coordinated teamwork, the company’s experts perform their duties efficiently and without any serious obstacles. As a result, it is easy to foresee the continued success of Golden Key, a company certain to rise to new heights in the near future.