In 2014 the Alfa Realty, Alfa Realty Estate, Global Services, Golden Key, Alfa Media, Alfa Travel were combined in the Alfa Russia-Israel. The goal of the group establishment is the provision of a full range of high quality services to Russian-speaking tourists, landlords, Internet-customers.

The unified structure with general management and state-of-art technologies allow for prompt servicing of customers applied to one of the companies included in the Alfa Russia-Israel. Common database, accuracy, timeliness, variety and high quality of services allowed the Alfa Russia-Israel to establish itself as a leader in servicing consumers residing in Russian-speaking territories worldwide. The involvement of leading legal and auditing firms in Israel which render specialized services to Alfa Russia-Israel customers plays a significant role.

Today the Alfa Russia-Israel plans to expand its area of business, improve hardware and process equipment as well as involve new employees who are qualified in different industries.