The UICC Repatriation Center

Israeli citizenship for citizens of Ukraine

The UICC Consulting Center was founded in 2015 to help all citizens of Ukraine with the search of their Jewish roots, repatriation to Israel and obtaining a passport, as well as all related issues.

For many years, a large team has been helping Ukrainian families to obtain Israeli citizenship and adapt to a new country.

Thanks to the experience and high qualification of UICC specialists, over 6 years of work:

  • more than 2000 Ukrainians have received Israeli passports;
  • 99% of the center’s clients have been interviewed by the consul the first time.

UICC is a recognized expert in repatriation to Israel, who will provide qualified assistance at all stages of citizenship obtaining and speed up the process of documents finding and processing, and moving.

Company executives
Jorov Vadim Founder of the Repatriation Center

Why should you choose the UICC Repatriation Center?


    The UICC Center accompanies Israeli citizenship at all stages: from searching for Jewish roots and preparing for an interview to obtaining all Israeli documents.


    The company values its customers and its reputation, therefore does not disclose their personal information.


    For many years, our employees have not tired of proving their professionalism with successful results of their work.


    Confidence plays an important role in the work of the company. Clients can safely pass on all their fears and concerns, which will be resolved.


    The figures show us that 99% of our clients receive a repatriation visa the first time.


    Each case is unique, so from the very beginning, a suitable work plan, which will 100% lead to the desired result, is built.

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