Israeli citizenship

RICC – Russia-Israel Consulting Center.

We offer full end-to-end assistance and advice for the repatriation process – from the documents preparation for a consular interview to the Darkon (foreign passport) acquisition.

We have 10 different managers, each of them is fully responsible for their own repatriation step.

Our services include:

  • Documents examination in order to ensure compliance with the consulate requirements (“Nativ” organisation)
  • Ordering a queue at the consulate for a convenient time
  • Filling out a test form (12 pages) that is needed to fill out at the consulate immaculate
  • Complete preparation for the consular interview
  • Arranging a repatriation appointment with Jewish Agency
  • Execution of a request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel for an urgent Darkon issuing
  • Signing up for all the  Ministry of Absorption priviledges
  • Opening a bank account for new immigrants
  • Signing up for an Israeli Health Insurance
  • Obtaining an Israeli driving license (in the presence of Russian ones)
  • Ordering a biometric Darkon in Israel or in Moscow (with the possibility of delivery the Darkon to Moscow).

RICC is your repatriation from “A” to “Z” without jitters, without fuss and bother!