Real Estate


Real estate was at the outset. The Alfa Realty was the first company included in Alfa Russia-Israel. After the visa agreements between Israel and Russia, and then with Ukraine were abolished the number of leisure travelers from these countries has increased greatly. Some of them prefer booking hotels, but many wish to lease comfortable apartments for some reasons.

The Alfa Realty specialized in short-term (up to several months) leasing in various areas of Israel. The company oriented to Russian-speaking clients, as all employees of the company speak Russian apart from Hebrew and English.

Since the establishment of the company it has focused on two key aspects: service quality and advanced technology. A computer platform of real estate items of various classes (studios, apartments, villas, cottages) at the disposal of the Alfa Realty in different regions of the country and prices was created. This allowed for minimizing residential options and offer an optimal one to any client.

Savyon residential house 2010You may contact company’s employees 24 hours a day by phone, email. Skype, Whatsapp or Viber.

As to the service quality there are some requirements: professionalism, accuracy, punctuality, good will, readiness to help in solving any problem. This is what sets Alfa Realty apart from other companies and makes it one of the most successful realtors in Israel, cooperating with Russian speaking clients.

In several months the Alfa Realty Estate was founded. It specializes in sale and purchase of real estate in Israel. Our clients are offered real estate put up for sale in the best areas of Israel. This includes both apartments or penthouses in multistoried buildings, and villas and cottages by the Mediterranean Sea.

The company provides a full support of transactions with the involvement of attorneys, notaries, auditors who have operative information about laws and regulations applicable in Israel.