Managers and founders of the companies included in the Alfa Russia-Israel Group are motivated people made a success of their professional activities owing to persistence and diligence that characterize them.

All of them are professionals in their industry, that is why they carry out a strict control over the performance of own companies.

Tactful guidance, commitment to excellence makes a difference – consistent improvement in services, broadening the list of the services available.

  • RICC – Russia-Israel Consulting Center
    Vadim Zhorov – the founder
    Board of Directors: Ekaterina Korol, Yana Gitsilevich
  • Alfa Travel
    Vadim Zhorov, Alexander Berenshtein the founder
    Board of Directors: Konstantin Osipenko (Tel Aviv), Anton Burachevsky (Bat-Yam)
  • Alfa Realty
    Vadim Zhorov, Denis Shteiman, the founders
  • AlfaMedia
    Vadim Zhorov, Effie Kostyukovsky, the founders
  • G.K.Apartments
    Vadim Zhorov, Anton Burachevsky, the founders
  • AlfaService
    Vadim Zhorov, Denis Shteiman, the founders