Clients of the Alfa Russia-Israel often request additional services rendered by two companies included in the group – GK-Apartments and Global Services (renamed in Alfa Services in July 2015).


The company specializes in real estate management.

Clients of the Alfa Russia-Israel that purchased real estate in Israel entrust employees of the GK-Apartments with such tasks as real estate maintenance, provision of public utilities, cooperation with municipal authorities and lessees.

Regardless of whether the owner of the real estate resides in Israel or abroad, the company’s specialists timely pay for all public utilities and taxes, control proper technical condition or apartments in a multistoried building or villa with an adjacent plot (garden, lawns, pool, etc.).

The GK-Apartments also selects lessees of real estate owned by clients, controls timely rent payments.

Recently services of the company have become in demand among owners that concluded purchase transactions with the Alfa Realty Estate.

uslugi2Global Services

The company specializes in transportation services.

Global Services arranges the transfer of travelers arriving in and departing from Israel and rent of cars of any class for any period (possibly, with a Russian speaking driver).

The company also provides its clients with an opportunity to rent means of transportation for tours of the country: yachts, private light planes, helicopters, jeeps, delta planes.

Apart from basic services, the GK-Apartments and Global Services provide VIP-services to the Alfa Russia-Israel clients under a special agreement.